Pricing Policy and Special Packages

At The Tree Foundation Tutorial College we provide a highly-personalised, professional tutoring service, tailored to each individual’s specific needs. With this in mind, we offer competitively priced arrangements for whatever the prospective student and/or parent may require. After we have conducted our key introductory meeting, we are in a good position to offer various packages and their concomitant prices.

Many of the students and parents who approach The Tree Foundation Tutorial College are looking for preparation that may last for several months, if not longer, and frequently may involve different tutors for tutoring in different subject areas. In such cases, we propose a well-defined study programme at stipulated times over a set time frame with the various different tutors. If the student and/or parent is committed to such a proposed programme and pays in advance for the relevant package then there will invariably be attractive reductions. Others approach The Tree Foundation Tutorial College for very specific consulting, which may last for a few hours at most. While others may require extended assistance with various university applications. Still others may want a few hours of remedial tutoring for some upcoming examinations.

Whatever your particular demands, we are certain that we offer an excellent arrangement. Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about more specific information about your requirements.