If you are aiming high and aspiring to be a top class businessman, whether that be a banker, management consultant, or CEO, then the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is indubitably the quintessential postgraduate degree for you. Although the MBA is just over 100 years old (the first was offered at Harvard in 1908), it is generally the gold standard in the business world. Indeed, there are many companies that will not even look at you unless you have an MBA, and it has to be from one of the highest ranked Business Schools (BS).

A good MBA does not come cheap though, costing up to $200,000 at some of the priciest business schools (Wharton School of Business, UPenn is currently the most expensive) so you need to be absolutely sure about what you are committing yourself to and how to prepare yourself in the best and most efficacious way. If you are aiming high then you will definitely require a very high GMAT (>700) and/or GRE score (at least 90 percentile in both the Verbal and Quantitative sections) and you will need to submit an exceptional application as competition for places is rife. You will definitely be interviewed if the Business School is interested in offering you a place.

We at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College can assist you with choosing the best possible MBA, the GMAT, the application process, and preparing for the interviews as there are consultants who are either currently attending or have attended the very top business schools, such as Insead, Columbia, Tuck, London Business School, ESADE, Impressa and HEC Paris. If you are interested in acquiring really top-notch professional advice then please contact us.