In brief, at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College we prepare students to go to top universities in the UK, Europe and the United States for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The general philosophy revolves around highly focused private tuition from well qualified tutors, making for the most efficacious mode of learning and thus the best results. Indeed the results have been impressive, with students attaining places at universities such as MIT, University of California (Berkeley), Imperial College London, Oxford University and Bocconi University (Italy) to name just a few.

  • The Tree Foundation Tutorial College offers one-on-one private tuition for students who intend to study overseas at top universities, especially in the United Kingdom, The United States, and Continental Europe.
  • All tutors are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. Furthermore, all tutors/consultants are native speakers of the English Language and have attended world-renowned universities.
  • We provide professional career and education consultancy. This is specifically aimed at individuals who may be looking for a highly ranked university, whether it be for an undergraduate degree, Masters, MBA or PhD.
  • There are intensive GMAT and GRE courses with proven results for students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies, such as Masters programs and PhDs. There is private, one-to-one tuition available from top tutors with years of experience of both the GMAT and GRE tests.
  • English courses, such as TOEFL and IELTS, which prepare students for foreign universities as well as job placements.
  • One-on-one private tuition for candidates who are preparing for IGCSE, GCE A-Levels, (IB) International Baccalaureate, SAT Reasoning Test, ACT, or Achievement Placement Tests (AP) in many different sujects
  • Assistance with the selection of the most suitable university and the application process; career and education guidance, recruitment consultancy.

Should you wish any further information or want to arrange an appointment then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Director of Studies and Founder of the Tree Foundation Alastair Fisher,
BSc. Hons (Chemistry) University of Edinburgh MA (Linguistics) University of Surrey

Mr Fisher has been tutoring GMAT, GRE, ACT, SAT, GCE A-Levels and English in the Athens area for over 18 years, channelling students and professionals alike to top universities and job placements. He has extensive knowledge of both the education market and the professional market in many different countries.