Anyone who has applied for an MBA at a top-class Business School will vouch for the fact that the application process was no walk in the park, no joy ride. Quite the contrary: he or she will vividly recall that the whole application process was extremely demanding, difficult and time-consuming. Then there are the interviews that all the Business Schools conduct, and typically it is not just one interview but a series of interviews. And after all that there is the nerve-racking wait to find out whether or not you have been awarded a place.

Competition is absolutely rife for the few limited places at the top Business Schools. Therefore, it is imperative that you should submit an excellent application that promotes and projects you in the best possible light. You also have to be very well prepared for the interview processes, which are always conducted after your written applications have been submitted – remember the interview will be based on what you have included in your application.

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College there are consultants who are either currently attending MBAs at world-leading Business Schools or have attended such Business Schools. They know better than anyone else what is required to maximize one’s chances of attaining a place at a highly competitive, top-ranked Business School. If you would like to engage their expert assistance and guidance with regard to your applications and interviews, then please contact us.