Application Service

The difference between a well-written university application and a mediocre application can lead to an applicant being either accepted or rejected by an institution. It is crucial that you submit a well-composed application since it is your sole opportunity to project yourself, your educational background, your interests and hobbies, and most importantly why you wish to study what you are applying for. As you will quickly discover, completing an application form is no simple task – it requires much longer than you anticipated and is much more difficult than you initially expected. The essay is the primary tool admissions officers use to decide among hundreds or even thousands of applicants with comparable experience and academic credentials. In fact, over one-third of the time an admissions officer spends on your application is spent evaluating your essay. To stand out, your essay must not only demonstrate your grasp of grammar and ability to write lucid, structured prose, you must also paint a vivid picture of your personality and character, one that compels a busy admissions officer to admit you. We’ve helped thousands of applicants with marginal test scores and grades articulate their potential and gain admission to the world’s top schools, from Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford to MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Who we are
We are a diverse group of professionals who have assisted in successfully completing numerous university applications for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and furthermore for a wide range of disciplines (architecture, law, medicine, business schools, science, engineering and so on). All of us have studied at top universities such as Cambridge, LSE, Edinburgh and Harvard and understand what constitutes an excellent application.

What we do and do not do
We do not fill out your applications from scratch, from the very start, BUT we will edit/amend/improve on what you have completed. We will give you an in-depth critique of your application as it stands with further suggestions as to which paragraphs need to be added and/or ideas that should be pursued further.

How fast is the service?
Most students leave their applications till the last minute meaning they are in a mad panic to submit them before the deadline. This being the general case, we can guarantee that an application will be complete in 7 days. However, if someone needs his/her application/essay in less than 7 days then special arrangements can be made.

Is the service free?
No the service is not free but is affordable. Since each application is different dependent on the type of study/program you are pursuing, each application will demand a different amount of time. For further information please contact us.