Applying to Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge for short) is an entirely different kettle of fish as both universities have their own separate, rigorous process. Any prospective candidate applies to Oxford or Cambridge via the normal route, UCAS, though he or she cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge; one either applies to Oxford or Cambridge but not to both and one certainly does not apply directly to either of the respective universities. Why this is the case is a long and convoluted digression though this is the fact of the matter and there is no way of getting around it, as exasperating as it may be.

Assuming that you have chosen either Oxford or Cambridge, what do you do next? Well, you must submit an application to either Oxford or Cambridge via UCAS before 15th October; this necessarily infers that you must have chosen your other 4 choices of universities by that time. It is incredibly important that you submit the best possible application with the concomitant recommendations so that you convey the best possible impression on the university admissions officers. That means that you need to write a well-crafted personal statement that is dense in content, tight in style and most crucially projects you in a relatively restricted space – after all if you are invited to an interview then this is what your interviewers will have in front of them. Normally, Oxford and Cambridge announce their decisions at the end of November, either rejecting you or inviting you to an interview that typically takes place from early to late December. You are expected to make your way to the respective university at your own expense and you typically have to stay at the college to which you have applied for at least one night.

The Oxbridge application is a rather daunting and nerve-racking experience, one quite different from any other application to any other university anywhere in the world. Many of our tutors and consultants have actually gone through the process themselves, and some are actually studying, researching or teaching at either Oxford or Cambridge. If you are interested in booking a session with any of them with a view to receiving valuable advice and guidance then please do not hesitate to contact us.