About A-level Chemistry

GCE A-level Chemistry is obviously essential for all those who wish to study Chemistry, or a chemistry related discipline at university. As an aside, it is interesting that the Chemistry A-level, over the years, has become one of the least attractive science A-levels (for further please refer to this UK government report). Given the above, those who prepare and sit the Chemistry A-level are typically those who are set on continuing their education in chemistry, whether be as a chemist or medical doctor. In turn, the competition among the few who do sit the Chemistry A-level is rife as reflected by the very high grade boundaries – it is the most difficult science A-level in which to attain an A grade.

We at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College believe that those who are just a tad perspicacious will intuit that in the very near future chemists, biochemists, nanochemists and so on, will be extremely high in demand as there are significant deficiencies and lags in the progress of chemistry as a science and its concomitant applications, in stark contrast with physics and computer programming, for example. We therefore would urge those who are contemplating a future in science to seriously consider a chemistry or chemistry-related career as a serious option, and thus the GCE A-level in Chemistry a must as an entry requirement for an undergraduate degree at a highly ranked university either in the UK or the US.

The content of the GCE A-level in chemistry can be delineated into three main areas: physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Although there will not be access to physical laboratories to carry out experiments or practicals, there are papers which examine a student’s knowledge of qualitative and quantitative chemistry (Papers 3 & 6 in the Edexcel Pearson IAL). A detailed specification of the syllabus can be found here.

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College, we have tutors who are chemistry graduates from the very best universities in the world, with abundant experience in tutoring GCE A-level Chemistry as well as advising and guiding prospective students with regard to future careers. If you wish to prepare for a GCE A-level in Chemistry then please contact us to get started.