Ivy League

The Ivy League universities comprise eight different universities: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Penn, Cornell and Columbia. All the Ivys are synonymous with extremely rigorous entrance requirements and excellent academic standards, reflected in their respective rankings – all eight Ivys are listed in the Top 20 universities in the world, with four consistently ranked in the top 10 (Princeton, Yale, Columbia and Harvard). Naturally, the competition for places at the Ivys is legendary and their acceptance rates (Harvard’s hovers around 6%) have become a well touted annual news event.

If a student is applying for an undergraduate degree at an Ivy then he or she has two options: either to apply early – also know as Early Action or Early decision – or to apply in the regular period. All the applications are conducted via the Commonapp. There is much debate as to whether it is beneficial applying early. If you are absolutely set on one particular college then it may be beneficial though we at Tree Foundation Tutorial College are of the opinion that there is little to be gained. It is interesting to note that the number of those applying early in recent years has increased substantially thus diminishing the salient advantages of early action/decision.

Obviously, it is crucial that one submits an excellent application, bolstered by outstanding reference letters and other supporting documents. The essays are of especial importance as these will provide a preliminary insight into the applicant and found the basis for the interview if the Ivy university shows an interest.

In short, it is vital that an applicant to an Ivy university submits a really strong application in a timely fashion. At Tree Foundation Tutorial College, there are consultants who are either attending or who have attended Ivy colleges, who are therefore very capable of advising and guiding you through the application process. Please contact us so that you can be allocated the most appropriate consultant for your Ivy university application.