Principles of Computing

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College we have always considered computer programming of fundamental importance in the knowledge and skills set of not only budding mathematicians, engineers and scientists but also of the general pre-college student, especially in this day and age, in which computers are playing an ever-increasingly significant role. Granted, there are few if any certificates that will verify an individual’s computer programming abilities and capabilities but we know very well from past experience that a student who has solid understanding of the algorithmic way of thinking will be in a very strong position at university and later in life.

We at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College therefore strongly recommend that interested students seriously consider taking the Introduction to Computer Programming and Computational Thinking course which aims at teaching students to think algorithmically in order to realise what is possible when using computation to solve problems efficiently. As computer programming is also a matter of style and self-interest, this course focuses on fundamental topics such as abstraction, algorithms and data structures using a variety of programming languages including C, JavaScript and Python, offering the choice of a future self-development. C language could be the choice of the serious student who really wants to understand how software “talks” to hardware. If you are not as bothered about learning about the nuts and bolts then Python or JavaScript or some other high-level language such as Scala or Erlang may suffice.

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College we have some extremely experienced programmers who are not only highly qualified academics but also practicing professionals who will be able to offer you top-notch tutorials to give you an excellent base on which to build your computer programming skills. If you are interested in learning some serious computer programming, then please contact us to get started.