About A-level Further Mathematics

Further mathematics, as the title implies, is more difficult and challenging. For those of you who are thinking about doing a degree in Mathematics, Engineering or Physics, then Further mathematics is certainly for you. Indeed, many of the top-ranked universities will not consider you unless you have Further mathematics as an entry qualification – and most probably with at least a B grade if not an A.

In order to succeed in Further Mathematics you obviously have to both good at mathematics and willing to put in quite a bit more hard work. Having said that, those who enjoy mathematics anyway tend to thrive with Further Mathematics. Given the above, we do not recommend that just anyone takes the Further Mathematics A-level – you need to be getting a comfortable A grade in the plain vanilla Mathematics A-level to be able to cope with and excel in the Further mathematics.

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College we prefer the Pearson Edexcel International A-level (IAL) which consists of six modules:
F1 & F2 or F3 then any four of the remaining available modules except C12 and C34 (as you will have done these in the Mathematics A-level)

Full specifications of the IAL in Further Mathematics can be found here.