Academic scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to outstanding young scholars on the basis of their academic achievements. Now, this may appear to be an obvious statement yet it has many ramifications. As we all know, everything is relative and what may be an outstanding scholar to one institution, to another he or she may be simply mediocre. How so? Well let’s take an example. Let’s suppose that prospective student ABC has scored high in the SATs/ACT and accumulated a number of other qualifications and wants to apply to an Ivy. The demands of the Ivy League universities are extremely high and the competition is fierce and so ABC’s application is simply average and will not warrant the awarding of a scholarship; or the Ivy League university simply does not award generous academic scholarships. However, a little further down the rankings, at another university, ABC’s application is considered well above the average and that university particularly wants to have ABC as a student. Then that university may well offer ABC a healthy scholarship based on his or her academic credentials.

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