Postgraduate rankings

Reliable rankings for postgraduate degrees are difficult to find for a host of reasons. Firstly, there are just so many Masters out there rendering it difficult to confidently assign a ranking for a single particular Masters program or single particular university. There is more consensus for MBAs and certain Masters programs, such as Masters in Finance, for example. Secondly, the landscape changes like quicksand as universities introduce innovative Masters programs, such as Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship or Social Media Technology, in response to the demands of the contemporary market, which, of course, is being driven by advances in technology and the Internet. Having said that there are some rankings that we at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College look at on a regular basis and these are listed below. However, to best discern which Masters is for you at which particular university proffers the best Masters in your chosen field please consider contacting us.

Some useful sources for postgraduate rankings:
The QS rankings are everywhere and one cannot ignore them. Here are their rankings for postgraduate studies.
For MBAs and generally Business education the definitive rankings can be found in the Financial Times here.
Guardian University Guide_1
The Guardian newspaper provides some useful rankings for UK based universities.
ok_FTBusSchool2010_colourThe US News is perhaps the most trustworthy source for US based universities. Here you will find rankings for practically every possible subject area at a US university. Their rankings can be found here.