About AP

The Advanced Placement examinations offer all students wishing to attend US, Canadian, and indeed UK, universities the chance to significantly boost their applications and exhibit their skills in specific areas of study, generally at first-year college level. The AP examinations, therefore, are challenging and demanding, counting toward college credits at US universities, and also suitably impress admission officers.

Students can chose from a variety of 30 courses according to their aptitude, preferences and desired undergraduate degree. The syllabus of each course is designed so as to enhance students’ critical thinking, awareness of various key concepts and better prepare them for their future academic careers. Typical exam structures include a series of multiple choice questions, followed by free-response questions. Students have the chance to take the AP examinations once a year, and more specifically in May. For further information concerning the available courses and individual guidelines please visit the official Collegeboard website.

Scoring System
Students will receive a score out of 5, which the board will decide upon after reviewing all students’ examinations and how they performed on each section.
5= Extremely Well Qualified
4= Well-Qualified
3= Qualified
2= Possibly Qualified
1= No recommendation

AP at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College
Students are advised to begin lessons at least eight months in advance as that is how long it will take to cover all the syllabus of each AP course. At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College, we aid students’ grasp key academic concepts in depth, apply the required theory to questions and practice using real past paper examinations in order to ensure maximum comprehension. If you wish to learn more about the AP tests in general or any AP test in particular then please contact us so that we can advise you on the most appropriate preparation.