About A-level Mathematics

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College we specialize in the Edexcel Pearson International A-level, also known as the IAL, arguably the most respected and internationally recognized. There is a large degree of overlap with the Mathematics syllabi of other examinations boards such as AQR, OCR, Cambridge, which we also cater for.

There are many different combinations of IAL starting from the AS level to a full Further Mathematics A-level:

  • The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) is the most basic IAL in Mathematics and consists of the Core modules C12 and a choice of either S1 (Statistics 1), M1 (Mechanics 1) or D1 (Decision Sciences 1). A total of 3 modules.
  • The A2 (Advanced Level) consists of C12, C34 and a combination of any two of S1, S2, M1, M2, D1, or D2. A total of 6 modules.
  • The Further Mathematics IAL consists of FP1, FP2, FP 3 and a combination of any three of S1, S2, S3, M1, M2, M3, D1, D2, or D3.

Many students sit both the IAL A-level in Mathematics and the Further Mathematics A-level.
For all the specific details, kindly refer to the official specifications for all the various IAL Mathematics A-levels.