About A-level Physics

The GCE A-level in Physics is a must for anyone wanting to study Physics or Engineering at university. Generally, it is advisable for someone considering sitting A-level Physics to also sit GCE A-level Mathematics as there is a considerable amount of overlap. GCE A-level Physics without mathematics is manageable though may prove demanding whenever there are more challenging calculations. The GCE A-level in Physics acts as an excellent complement to many other A-levels, particularly chemistry and economics – many students opt for Maths – Physics – Chemistry or Maths – Physics – Economics as strong combinations for applications for Chemistry and Economics degrees respectively.

The syllabus is broad and interesting in that it covers many areas of physics that are directly applicable in the real word, such as Material Physics, and also fascinating topics as Astrophysics and Cosmology, which are more theoretical yet very topical and fascinating. The examination is divided into six modules which can be covered in one academic year by a committed, dedicated student rather than the recommended 2-year preparation period. A full description of the syllabus of the Pearson Edexcel syllabus can be found here.

At the Tree Foundation Tutorial College, we have tutors who are Physics graduates from the very best universities in the world, with abundant experience in tutoring GCE A-level as well as advising and guiding prospective students with regard to future careers. If you wish to prepare for a GCE A-level in Physics, then please contact us to get started.