Ultra-Intensive Summer Courses

The well-established summer courses at the Tree Foundation Tutorial College have become popular over recent years, providing an excellent opportunity to get a lot of valuable work and revision done before the forthcoming academic year – in short, to get ahead.

Alastair Fisher and his dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced tutors offer a mixture of one2one, group tutorials and regular tests which can be distributed over either a 2-week or 3-week period. Each student receives a personalized programme with a minimum of 15 hours of tutoring mostly in the afternoons from 3 pm till 8 pm. The courses include intensive ACT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL preparation with a strong emphasis on the main components of each of the respective tests.

All students are encouraged to participate in debating and critical thinking to bolster their analytical and linguistic skills – in short mental gymnastics! Additionally, students are mentored as to which may be the most appropriate degree to pursue and at which university. Regular visits from alumni from eminent universities, such as MIT and Cambridge, are organized, enabling students to directly interact and get a clearer picture of university life.

There is a strict limit to the number of available places. If you are interested then please contact us or call (+30) 210 8995525 or 6932700283.


    These intensive courses cover the mathematics, reading and writing skills required for success in the SAT/ACT examinations. Further details about the content of the SAT Reasoning test can be found here and the ACT here. The SAT and/or the ACT are absolutely necessary for any US university; additionally, good scores are very favorably considered in UCAS applications for many UK universities.

    • Writing
      A focus on academic writing and correct grammar. These tutorials involve reading classic novels, analyzing texts, as well as discussing and writing about current affairs.
    • Critical Reading & Thinking
      The SAT & ACT demand excellent reading skills as well as the ability to think critically. These tutorials concentrate on improving these specific reading and critical thinking skills implementing specific proven methodologies. Many of the better universities administer tests which revolve around philosophy, logic and critical thinking. More generally, we believe that sound critical thinking skills help enormously in many other tests (besides the SAT & ACT).
    • Mathematics
      The rigorous Mathematics tutorials ensure that the student has an excellent understanding of the mathematics required for a perfect score in the ACT/SAT test as well as the strategies and techniques required to ace the test.

    Nearly all students require a score in IELTS or TOEFL. There are intensive tutorials available for those who wish to prepare for either examination.